Deletion Policy

Speedy Deletion

A speedy deletion happens when someone sweared, created the page that has nothing to do with snails. It could happen because it's in a foreign language. It could also happen because it has death threats to another user. If someone creates a page about their self. Who cares.


It can happen.

Swearing Policy

If you cuss on an article, you will be banned for 2 weeks. If you continue after that. You will be banned indefinetly. I have no time to deal with your'e potty mouth. If you say (piss,crap,retard .etc). You won't be banned. If you say (s*it,b*tch,a*s etc.). You will be banned for sure.

Blog policy

If you open a blog. You can't have any other topic exept snails. If it is any other topic. You will be banned for a day. Any other useless blogs. You will be banned for a month. Continued, you will be banned for life.

Sockpuppeting Policy

Sockpuppeting is where you play as another Wikia user. If you are banned and you sockpuppet. You're main account will be banned for life and so will all of you're accounts. Just serve youre time. Its for the best for you.