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Welcome to the Snailipedia Help page.

 Welcome to Snailipedia, "The Snail Encyclopaedia". We are the only wiki dedicated to bringing the information on the interesting world of snails. If you are new, please read this.

Where do I practice?Edit

Good question, you practice on the Slimehole, which is the page where you practice editing.  Please do not save here. You will recive a warning, if you still do save, it results to a 2 hour ban. If you still save, you will get a 6-month ban on your IP address. Which means we don't attolerate sockpuppets.


If your sibilings live with you and have an account at your house then let them on your account. If they vandalize. That account will be permanetly banned and no warnings. If you pull the "My brother did it" excuse, then your account is reponsible for it and therefore ip-perm-ban.

Accounts on the same IP address?Edit

No, not allowed. It is against the Wikia policy. Why? It is on your IP adress and if your sibilings get on their account and to prevent sockpuppets we would have to ip-ban. So we are sorry if you are righteous and your wrongful sibilings or friends get on the account at your house and they get an IP ban. We are doing it for your own good.

What if I just want to see all the Snail breeds at once?Edit

Well, just move your mouse up to the toolbar and hover over "Special Features" and click Snailibreeds. This page will be deleted by November Klause. So click this link, Snailibreeds. What is Snailibreeds? It is a quick shortcut to all Snail breeds.

Fan ClubEdit

Snailipedia features a Snail Fan Club which is a fan club of snails. If you have a strange fascnination with snails. Join it today and join the talk page there.