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Snail Wiki is a collaborative Snail Encyclopedia. So if you see a snail, you can see what it is. Yeah, I know. You're brain is slimy. But, it will be more slimy when you're here.

Did you know?

  • Snails are genderless. They have both reproductive organs. It just depends on whos luring who. When they mate. They use love darts, not spray.
  • Snails don't live in their shell, What's inside their shell? Their internal organs are in their shell.
  • Snails have 5 "sticks" they are the 2 eyes, the 2 nostrils and 1 "male part".

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The user of the month is Zourough. This dude help out alot. Thnx bro.

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Celebrating the old logo's work

The Old Logo was the one that served from 2012 to now. The logo was thought of as offencive by me and Zourough because the hidden swastikas on it. It was a funny easter egg but many Jews would be "offended". Plus, it was made in poor quality. Anyways, instead of bashing it, let's celebrate it and have a memorable regongnition of it's creativity and it's time of being the notable logo of Snailipedia.

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